• Dr. of Science
1992    Moscow Aviation Institute
          in Physics and   Department of Applied Mechanics
          Mathematics    Moscow, Russia
      Thesis: ”The asymptotic analysis of stability, post-buckling behavior and strong bending of thin shells”
  • Ph.D.
1980    Civil Engineering Academy
     Department of Strength of Materials
      Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
      Thesis: ”Stability and post-buckling behavior of axially compressed cylindrical shells with regards to local perturbations”
  • M.Sc.
1973    Dnepropetrovsk State University
     Department of Mathematics and Mechanics
      Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
      Program overview: theoretical and applied mechanics, strength of materials, theory of elasticity and plasticity, nonlinear mechanics and buckling theory, dynamics and vibration of structures, mechanics of fluid and gas, theoretical and applied mathematics, programming, numerical and analytical methods in mechanics, finite element analysis