Employment history
Senior researcher/software developer (01/05 - current)
Dyadem International Ltd. http://www.dyadem.com/,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Responsibilities included:
  • Developing and optimizing algorithms for calculation of Reliability and Risk analysis of complex systems
  • Designing and developing Fault/Event Tree software (FTA-pro ) devoted to system Reliability and Risk analysis
Main scientific interest: efficient algorithms in solving NP-complete problems, optimization of Decomposition, Markov Chain and Monte Carlo methods. Two papers are published in proceedings of “Reliably and Maintenance Symposium” http://www.rams.org/
Professor (09/02 - 01/05)
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/,
Hail University College, Hail, Saudi Arabia, Department of Sciences, Contract position

Responsibilities included:
  • Lectures and Tutoring (Ordinarily Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Calculus, Applied Calculus, Preparatory Math, Java) in English
  • Member of Faculty & Staff Affairs Committee (annual evaluation of faculty members), coordinator of the research activities of Department of Sciences, cochairman of seminar of the department, chairman of Search Committee of the department (evaluation of new faculty applicants)
Main scientific interest is application of new asymptotic and numerical methods to nonlinear problems of structural engineering, nonlinear differential equations with singularities. Programming languages are Java, Mathematica. Used MS/NASTRAN software based on final element method for validation of obtained asymptotic results. Three papers were published. Obtained the distinction award for research 2004.
Programmer and researcher (09/01-08/02)
Company “Software for structures”, Toronto, Canada, self-employed
Creating web site for selling intellectual properties to engineers, researchers, and students. Calculations for typical problems of structural engineering (bending of beams and plates, stress analysis of trusses, stability of columns), and special advanced models (stability and nonlinear behavior of thin shell structures) as well as other know-how (data fitting) were developed. Main programming language is Java (including JSP), web server is Apache Tomcat, and operation system in production is Linux (Red Hat).
Programmer analyst (03/01- 08/01)
The Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto
Web application development department. Contract position.

• Working for development of website for Scotia OnLine Financial Services. (“Recurring Funds Transfer” on the site https://www.scotiaonline.scotiabank.com/online)
• Creating web applications using VisualAge for Java, WebSphere, JSP, XML.
• Testing of projects and promoting them in production.
Software Engineer (03/00 - 02/01)
SimplyEngineering Research Corporation
Markham, ON, Canada. Full time position

Worked in the team for designing the web site www.simplyengineering.com for engineering services.
Responsibilities included:
  • Selecting common Structural and Civil Engineering problems. Devising models and calculations for such problems using C++, Java, Mathematica (back end).
    18 calculations and 8 models were created (stress analysis of beams, trusses and other metallic structural elements under static and dynamic loading; modeling of liquid flow in culverts, channels and pipes).
  • Design of front end and web applications for models and calculations using XML (XMLSpy), Java Servlets, JSP.
  • Writing calculation guides for users (Information and Examples PDF files on the web site) and specifications using Visio and AutoCAD.
Researcher/Programmer (04/99 - 08/99)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Contract position

• Used C++ (MS Windows 98) to develop an application for the design and simulation of flexible composite shell structures under dynamic and static load.
• Created new analytical method to simplify the original nonlinear boundary value problem and elaborated modern numerical methods.
• Used thus created applications to investigate stability, nonlinear behavior and stress states of thin composite shells, as well as to obtain the optimal values for structure properties.
• The results of research were published in two papers (International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 38, No. 50-51, 2001)
Professor/Senior Researcher (92 - 98)
Department of Strength of Materials
Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Acadamy, Ukraine. Full time position

Responsibilities included:
  • Lectures and Tutoring (Strength of Materials, Theory of Elasticity, Theoretical Mechanics, Numerical and Asymptotic Methods in Mechanics)
  • Managing a project for the creation of an engineering application for simulation of metallic oil tanks with corrosion and damages and design of the tank reinforcements
  • Designing algorithms and developing code in C (MS DOS) for PCs and Mainframes (IBM 360)
  • Conducting an investigation of vibrations and stress analysis of concrete plates of a vessel
  • Designing nonlinear damper of vibrations for vehicles featuring reversing thin shells
Doctoral degree candidate/Researcher/Programmer (89 - 92)
Department of Applied Mechanics
Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia

• Developed numeric and analytical methods in nonlinear mechanics of thin shell structures.
• Designed algorithms and code in Fortran for analyses of dynamic and static nonlinear behavior of aerospace structures.
• Conducted research in the field of design of special spacecraft structures: metallic diaphragm for pushing fluid out of spherical storages, and orthotropic spherical shell structures under impulsive and acoustic load.
• Used FEA (MS/NASTRAN) for validation of obtained solutions.
Additional courses and training: “Modern numerical methods in nonlinear Mechanics”, NASTRAN, AutoCAD.
Assistant Professor (80 - 89)
Department of Strength of Materials
Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute, Ukraine

• Conducted research in the field of stability and dynamics of thin-walled metallic structures using numerical methods and programming in FORTRAN (MS DOS).
• Tested metallic models of Civil Engineering and Aerospace structures (cylindrical and spherical shells under a combination of static loads).
• Delivered lectures on Mechanics and Mathematics (Strength of Materials, Structural Stability and Dynamics, Plate and Shell Theory, FORTRAN).
• Conducted tutorials, labs and seminars to supplement lectures.
Engineer/Researcher (73 - 77)
Department of Applied Mechanics
Dnepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine

• Studied dynamic spacecraft problems using numerical methods and programming.
• Conducted transient response analysis of biodynamic systems. Participated in design of special tools for protection of vehicle driver against impact load.